Error-Free Environment

Visual Engineer was specifically designed to reduce errors.  This intelligent platform automatically identifies errors; suggests solutions and scans every drawing across an entire aircraft within seconds. By reducing, and eliminating errors during the design and installation life-cycle, Visual Engineer helps speed aircraft delivery and enhances customer satisfaction.


Error & Rework Rates to Near Zero

  • Automated error checks and tech-pubs
  • Cables, connectors, circuits, locations
  • Check your designs/equipment in secs

Perfect Hand-off between Teams
Visual Engineer provides a perfect hand-off between Electrical, Mechanical and Installation teams, resulting in correct and automated output of Electrical Drawings and Technical Documents. How? By identifying potential engineering mistakes in the design phase, not the manufacturing phase.

Errors Are Financially Costly to Organizations
When drawing errors occur, labor costs skyrocket as teams of Engineers, Production, and Supply Chain personnel, identify problems, collaborate on solutions, and then manually fix errors across hundreds of drawings. Errors have a negative domino-like effect not only across drawings, but across entire projects, downgrading employee morale, increasing labor costs and contributing to late aircraft delivery.

Errors Affect Cash Flow & Materials Procurement
Design and drafting errors result in inaccurate materials list generation, as Engineers manually compile parts lists, project materials needed, and then submit materials lists to Procurement departments. But what if the drawings are flawed? Visual Engineer’s automated features reduce or eliminate the possibility of over-purchasing, or incorrect purchasing of materials, which improves cash-flow and keeps projects on budget by not having to purchase then return errant materials to suppliers.

Errors Affect Project Management
Visual Engineer helps Management through constant provision of consistent, accurate and targeted design data to all individuals at all job levels throughout the organization. Errors will be detected and remedied earlier with our software, keeping projects on track and easier to monitor in real-time.

Reduced Errors During Design Phases
Visual Engineer’s proprietary interface identifies errors in real-time, alerting engineers of myriad problems existing on drawings. In fact, Visual Engineer’s transparent, real-time collaborative environment means that an error fixed on one drawing automatically updates every related drawing across the entire aircraft.

Automated Error Checking
Visual Engineer contains over one hundred error checking algorithms. These algorithms are based on real world problems encountered during aircraft completion and refurbishments. An intuitive interface is provided to the engineer to identify and correct each error.

Image Examples

Drawing Error Report Drawing Error Report
Real Time Error List Explorer Real Time Error List Explorer

Real-Time Error Checks (Partial List)

  • Cable Missing Shield Terminators
  • Cable/Wire Accessory Not In Approved
  • Cable/Wire Bundle Duplicate Name
  • Cable/Wire Callout On More Than One Drawings List Of Materials
  • Cable/Wire Does Not Show All Conductors On Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Duplicate Wire Number
  • Cable/Wire Has Duplicate Wire Numbers Within The Cable
  • Cable/Wire Home And Drawing List Of Materials Do Not Match
  • Cable/Wire Home Callout On More Than One Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Length Not Specified
  • Cable/Wire Maximum Termination Count Exceeded
  • Cable/Wire Missing Sockets/Pins At Termination
  • Cable/Wire Missing Terminal Lugs At Termination
  • Cable/Wire Not Used On Any Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Not Terminated At Both Ends
  • Circuit Breaker Electrical Bus Not Assigned
  • Circuit Breaker Estimated Load Not Specified
  • Connector Missing Back-shell
  • Connector Missing Contacts
  • Connector Missing Screw-locks
  • Connector Gender Mismatch
  • Connector Not Mated Properly
  • Contact Maximum Termination Count Exceeded
  • Contact Maximum Termination Size Exceeded
  • Disconnect Not Terminated On Both Sides
  • Equipment Accessory Not Approved
  • Equipment And Mating Connector Terminations Do Not Match
  • Equipment Callout On More Than One Drawings List Of Materials
  • Equipment Contacts Not Listed In Masters Connections
  • Equipment Reference Designator Format Incorrect
  • Equipment Duplicate Reference Designator
  • Equipment Home Callout On More Than One Drawing
  • Equipment Home Not Assigned
  • Equipment Is Not Mated Properly
  • Equipment Is Not On List Of Materials
  • Equipment Location Is Not Specified
  • Equipment Not Used On Any Drawing
  • Equipment Quantity Is Not Specified
  • Equipment Weight Is Not Specified
  • Excessive Grounds At Location Not Used
  • Location Contains Multiple Disconnects With Same Part Number
  • Terminal Block Missing Contacts
  • Materials List Item Number Not Specified
  • Materials List Needs To Be Recalculated
  • Materials List Purchase Quantity Not Specified
  • Materials List Item Obsolete