Reports & Technical Publications in Seconds


Visual Engineer features a secure web-based reporting and analysis tool that provides targeted, centralized information to individuals at all levels and job functions, eliminating the costly and time-consuming process of manually collecting and interpreting information from design drawings.



Tailored Reports & Technical Publications in Seconds

  • no re-keying saves time & reduces errors
  • tech-pub generation in multiple standards
  • correct reports for each department & role




The End of Creating Reports and Technical Publications Manually

As those in the industry know, the legacy approach taken by completion centers is not only burdensome and inefficient for the electrical engineers but for the entire organization. Departments such as purchasing, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, installation, accounting and even the sales department all depend on information contained within the electrical engineers design drawings.  In fact, this bottleneck is the primary reason why organizations have resorted to custom in-house software development. Even with the use of custom software added on top of mechanical engineering software, accurate and real-time information still eludes the industry.


Reporting Engine Generates Production Reports and Technical Publications in Seconds from Centralized Database
  • Engineers and other teams in the manufacturing cycle communicate more effectively.

  • Targeted, correct and complete information to pertinent people – Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Technician / Installers, Project Managers, Procurement Personnel and Upper Management – provides greater precision and efficiency.

  • Time and labor costs associated with manually collecting, updating and interpreting information from the installation drawings are drastically reduced.

  • Analytical information identifies trends and bottlenecks in the engineering and manufacturing cycles to help Management identify areas for improvement.  This leads to better financial performance on subsequent aircraft projects.


Reporting Engine Generates Technical Publications in OEM Standard Formats

Equipment List, Wire List, Hook-up List and other standard commercial reports can be output to meet Boeing, Airbus or any OEM standard format, eliminating re-formatting each report depending on the client’s needs. Simply select the required format and click Print.

  • Bill of Materials Report
  • Bill of Material Change Report
  • Bill of Materials Summary Report
  • Circuit Breaker Load Summary List
  • Equipment List
  • Hook Up List
  • Wire List
  • Circuit Breaker List
  • Terminal List
  • Disconnect List
  • Bundle List
  • Drawing Error List
  • Drawing Change List
  • Drawing History List
  • Drawing Comparison Report
  • Drawing Error Report
  • Drawing List Report (MDL)
  • Engineering Performance Metrics Report
  • Equipment Usage Report: Disconnects
  • Equipment Usage Report : Terminal Blocks
  • Equipment Installation Report
  • Wire Separation and Redundancy Report

Report Samples: One Page Views



Electrical Load Report Electrical Load Report
Employee Metrics Employee Metrics
Equipment List  Report Equipment List Report
Drawing Error Report Drawing Error Report
Materials List Report Materials List Report
Cabinet Assembly Report Cabinet Assembly Report
Wiring Diagram Report Wiring Diagram Report
Wire List Report Wire List Report




Cabinet Assembly Report (Full PDF Example) View in New Browser Window


Wiring Diagram Data Report (Full PDF Example) View in New Browser Window
(More Report PDF Examples Available By Request) 







Real-Time Error Checks (Partial List)


  • Cable Missing Shield Terminators
  • Cable/Wire Accessory Not In Approved
  • Cable/Wire Bundle Duplicate Name
  • Cable/Wire Callout On More Than One Drawings List Of Materials
  • Cable/Wire Does Not Show All Conductors On Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Duplicate Wire Number
  • Cable/Wire Has Duplicate Wire Numbers Within The Cable
  • Cable/Wire Home And Drawing List Of Materials Do Not Match
  • Cable/Wire Home Callout On More Than One Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Length Not Specified
  • Cable/Wire Maximum Termination Count Exceeded
  • Cable/Wire Missing Sockets/Pins At Termination
  • Cable/Wire Missing Terminal Lugs At Termination
  • Cable/Wire Not Used On Any Drawing
  • Cable/Wire Not Terminated At Both Ends
  • Circuit Breaker Electrical Bus Not Assigned
  • Circuit Breaker Estimated Load Not Specified
  • Connector Missing Back-shell
  • Connector Missing Contacts
  • Connector Missing Screw-locks
  • Connector Gender Mismatch
  • Connector Not Mated Properly
  • Contact Maximum Termination Count Exceeded
  • Contact Maximum Termination Size Exceeded
  • Disconnect Not Terminated On Both Sides
  • Equipment Accessory Not Approved
  • Equipment And Mating Connector Terminations Do Not Match
  • Equipment Callout On More Than One Drawings List Of Materials
  • Equipment Contacts Not Listed In Masters Connections
  • Equipment Reference Designator Format Incorrect
  • Equipment Duplicate Reference Designator
  • Equipment Home Callout On More Than One Drawing
  • Equipment Home Not Assigned
  • Equipment Is Not Mated Properly
  • Equipment Is Not On List Of Materials
  • Equipment Location Is Not Specified
  • Equipment Not Used On Any Drawing
  • Equipment Quantity Is Not Specified
  • Equipment Weight Is Not Specified
  • Excessive Grounds At Location Not Used
  • Location Contains Multiple Disconnects With Same Part Number
  • Terminal Block Missing Contacts
  • Materials List Item Number Not Specified
  • Materials List Needs To Be Recalculated
  • Materials List Purchase Quantity Not Specified
  • Materials List Item Obsolete