Cost Benefit Analysis

Visual Engineer Could Save You Two Million Dollars in The Next Five Years And Double Your Throughput




Start Saving Money Today with Visual Engineer

  • Error checks and Technical Publications in seconds
  • Design times cut in half with less errors and rework
  • Save time and cost on your current project
  • Installs in one week.

To Aviation Completion & Modification Center CFO’s and COO’s:
It is vital to fully understand the financial benefits of deploying Visual Engineer. How overall labor reduction, increased efficiency and higher quality output will positively affect your cost centers and profits. Most importantly however, Visual Engineer can play a vital role in delivering customer aircraft faster and more cost efficiently helping you stay competitive and successful.
Visual Engineer increased financial performance in two distinct ways:
  • An approximate 50% reduction in overall ECAD labor costs during project life-cycles coupled with resultant increased efficiencies that reduce cascading errors (and their financial ramifications) in other areas such as Mechanical Engineering, Installation and Technical Publications creation.
  • The opportunity cost associated with your staff attempting to customize ECAD solutions not specifically tailored to your industry. Some companies have spent thousands of man-hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, attempting to do this with very limited success.
Higher-volume Completion / Modification centers
Your companies can save a projected $2.3 million dollars over the course of five years by switching to Visual Engineer. Using the assumptions provided below, we have calculated the following labor:
  • Electrical Engineering Man Hours
  • Drawing Revisions & Updates Man Hours
  • Mechanical Engineering Man Hours
  • Procurement Man Hours
  • Technical Publication Generation Man Hours

* Figures projected on actual cost savings.  Assumptions: Total Wiring Diagram Sheets per project: 250 :
Technicians Hourly Labor Cost: $60.00 Engineering Hourly Labor Cost: $100.00 : Procurement Hourly Labor Cost: $60.00