Production Benefits

VISUAL ENGINEER provides an interface between manufacturing and engineering. It is designed to increase efficiency and reduce time spent organizing electrical installation requirements during the manufacturing process. Real-time and ad-hoc reporting features provide the technicians with organized information in the format they require.  In seconds, bill of materials, equipment list, hook-up list or wire list can be generated for the entire project, a range of drawings or even for a specific location in the aircraft.  This provides for quicker installations and allows better informed decisions about what work is required.

Organize Electrical System Installations More Efficiently

Wiring Diagram Data Reports compile all the information required for a specific systems installation. It contains a bill of materials, list of locations affected, equipment list, hook-up list, wire list, stamp list and revision history for a system. These reports are available in real-time as each drawing is released. See example.

Build Cabinet Assemblies More Efficiently

Cabinet Assembly Data Reports compiles all of the information required from multiple drawings to build a cabinet assembly or other monument prior to being installed in the aircraft. It contains a bill of materials, list of drawings required, equipment list, hook-up list ,wire list, stamp list and revision history. These reports are available in real-time as each drawing is released. See example

Organize Work Flow More Effectively

Equipment List, Wire List, and Hookup List may be exported into various formats, including excel so that the work-flow may be better organized. These list are available in real-time as each drawing is released.


Plan Wire Installations More Effectively

Wire Branch Reports show all wiring routing requirements for the entire project. In seconds, a report can be generated to show every wire run in the aircraft, by Location to Location or Equipment to Equipment.


Track Drawing Changes More Accurately

Drawing Change Reports provide the technicians with a detailed list of changes between revisions. This ensures that no change goes un-noticed, regardless of what revision description was created by the engineer. Additionally, every report generated by Visual Engineer contains revision bars and change indications.


Create Wire Stamp Machine Files

Wire Stamp Machine Files are automatically generated eliminated the tedium of re-entering wire information from the drawings onto a spreadsheet.