How | The Visual Engineer Story


Visual Engineer was born from the frustration of Senior Avionics Electrical Engineers


After too many years designing on the ill-suited generic software used industry-wide we knew there has to be a better way.  There was simply too much inefficiency.  Manual processes, data re-keying, revisions, error checks and laborious actions repeated too many times over and over by everyone; it was so frustrating.  And year after year of new software revisions that ignored the needs of the aviation industry just added to the insult.  It finally became too much for us so we took on the job to create Visual Engineer.  

Over five years in development and now proven in the marketplace Visual Engineer is ready to change an industry.

With the guidance of experts in the field of data management and security, and levering the drag & drop ease of Microsoft Visio with the networking capabilities of Microsoft SQL, we knew it was possible. We didn't hit the right balance of data availability, ease of use and reporting right away.  There was a lot of real-world feedback, field testing and refinement, but today we are confident this is the best solution available.

We want to thank all the individuals who put their time and effort into the project and the completion companies that demanded excellence before migration to Visual Engineer.  Special thanks to Comlux and their staff for their excellent feedback and continued support.  Also of course, our continued appreciation to all our clients, the continued effort of Doug Bess, and the following people:

  • Toby Paquette 
  • Arlo Bess
  • Dirk DeSouza
  • Don Hall
  • Derik Reddout
  • Jeff Owens
  • Faruk Kivrak
  • Doug Gregory


As Visual Engineer expands we hope to add to this list of contributors and always welcome your suggestions for future enhancements and improvements.