Visual Engineer Overview


The Most Powerful Automated Aviation Industry ECAD Software Available Anywhere Today.  Developed by Avionics Electrical Engineers and Completion Industry Specialists to Improve Processes, Eliminate Errors and Deliver Aircraft Faster. 


- Visual Engineer Speeds Aircraft Delivery, Improves Quality and Increases Overall Financial Performance -

Visual Engineer reduces custom Aviation Electrical Engineering Design & Delivery processes by 50%.  It is a fully integrated, fully automated software platform that reduces errors and increases communications efficiencies across six vital channels: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Systems Installation and Technical Publications Generation.






The Next Generation of Avionics Electrical Design Software Is Here


The tools you require, but have been lacking for years.

  • From day one, you will have capabilities that no other design software provides.
  • Powerful electrical design and communications platform linking data to wiring diagrams and dynamically updating across all drawings for each project.

  • Design/Drawing Tools, Design/Drawing Automation, Reports & Documentation all within a Drag & Drop drafting environment.

  • No more manual re-keying of data between Electrical, Mechanical, Installation and Technical Publications teams.

  • No more attempts to customize ill-suited software to adapt to the real-world needs of the avionics industry.



Convenient Drag & Drop Drafting Environment and an End to Redundant Manual Tasks


  • Master Equipment and Wires Database - which eliminates redundant gathering and “re-keying” of information. The Master Library also maintains equipment and wire consistency across all drawings.

  • Search and Navigation Tools - that navigate through thousands of wiring diagrams and components to quickly locate any information in seconds.

  • Enterprise Reporting and Navigation Tools - that provide targeted information to individuals in the organization at all levels and job functions.

  • Power and Stability of Microsoft software with the Purpose-Driven Simplicity of Visual Design  - Visual Engineer combines the simplicity of Microsoft Visio© with a powerful set of tools built specifically for avionics and electrical systems integration. 
  • Even a novice avionics engineer can be trained in a fraction of the time it takes to learn other CAD applications.



Increase Completion Rate & Business Revenues by Decreasing Time to Completion by up to 50%


  • Visual Engineer clients generally achieve a 50% reduction in overall engineering labor costs on each completion. 
  • Automation, coupled with resultant increased efficiencies, reduce cascading errors and their financial ramifications.
  • Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation and Technical Publications generation all benefit from Visual Engineer.


VE SavingsDiagram2