World-class Modification and Completion Centers and Aviation Engineering firms are switching to Visual Engineer because our intelligent, dynamic software was designed to specifically suit their needs. With multi-million dollar aircraft projects at risk, these firms carefully chose Visual Engineer as their software of choice.

“Visual Engineer (VE) has been a tremendous tool for our team. Design time has reduced dramatically (almost 50%) across the board.  Due to the built-in error checking algorithms, rework has almost dropped to zero. VE’s Visio interface is easy to learn and the design process is extremely intuitive compared to other software such as ACAD and Capital Harness.”  
Jeff Owens | Comlux -

"Visual Engineer provides us the interconnect database we need at a fraction of the cost."
Bob Hurley | BHE & Associates -

"I love using Visual Engineer, It's "smart", easy and when you're designing you don't have to keep going back and forth to different folders to make sure which pin or connector to use because Visual Engineer keeps track of that for you. When it's time to do the report, everything is done, all the data is there, all you have to do is press a few buttons and it's complete. Love it!"
Angie King | Comlux Aviation -