Visual Engineer Installation Details

Visual Engineer is specialized for Aircraft Completions.  It has the capabilities you need to design avionics electrical systems with none of the bloat that characterizes generic electrical CAD software.  With Visual Engineer you receive the ease and simplicity of Microsoft Visio ™ with the enterprise capability & scalability of Microsoft SQL Server ™.

Install & Train on Visual Engineer in One Week

                  • Design 40% faster in two weeks
                  • Break records on your next completion
                  • Finish you current completion faster today

Software Installation in the Morning and Start Training Before Lunch

A typical Visual Engineer installation takes about 60 minutes to install on the server once the operating systems are patched and up to date. This assumes that SQL server is installed on the Visual Engineer server. Each additional client installation requires approximately 30 minutes to perform the Visio™ and Visual Engineer client installation.

Typical Client Installation Sequence for a Visual Engineer

File Share
  • An existing file share on the network is identified where the Visual Engineer drawings are to be stored.
  • Alternatively if no suitable existing file share on the network exists, a new one is created.
  • Client access to this file share is tested from the client workstation by simply copying a test.txt file to that directory.

Server Installation

  • Install Microsoft Server operating system on server if not already installed
  • Install Microsoft SQL server on server if not already installed
  • Create new empty database on the SQL server named VEOLTP
  • Restore the VEOLTP backup from the installation CD over the newly created database using the force override restore option.
  • Setup authentication on the SQL server for the client to connect.
  • This can be either mixed mode or Active Directory authentication
  • A new group (VEUSERS) is created in AD or locally on the server (authentication type dependent) that has read/write access to the Visual Engineer database.
  • Add users that will be using Visual Engineer to the VEUSERS group

Client Installation

  • Install Microsoft Visio™ 2010 Professional and activate product
  • Install Visual Engineer client on the client workstation in accordance with the msi from the installation CD
  • Setup client authentication with the SQL server from the Visual Engineer database connection settings form.

Visual Engineer Plays Well With Your Current Software 

What about my existing CAD software?
AutoCAD™, Solid Works™, CATIA, and other CAD systems may be used in conjunction with Visual Engineer.

What about my existing PLM System?
Visual Engineer fully integrates with any PLM system that integrates with Microsoft Office

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